2014 Annual Conference & Symposium



FEWA will hold the Forensic Expert Witness Annual Conference & Symposium April 24-26, 2014, in Tempe, Arizona at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center. Please visit our Annual Conference page for updates and to register on-line.


Topics Include:

  • Tips on how lawyers find an expert witness
  • Marketing and growing your forensic practice
  • Report writing
  • Tips from a court reporter
  • Law and science
  • ADR Panel
  • Professional liability
  • Persuasive speech and evidence
  • How to excel in depositions and cross examinations






2013 Print Directory Available

Attorneys or members wishing to market to attorneys can obtain free copies of the FEWA Print Directory by emailing Info@forensic.org.

One well-known member delivers a few copies to the offices of his favorite attorneys with his business card marking the page his listing is on. He includes a box of bagels, and places both the books and the bagels in the break room. That office is going to remember him! He is also quick to refer friends and acquaintances by slipping his business card into the page listing them. “It’s a quick and easy way to refer my peers,” he says. “It’s all about networking: you refer your peers, they refer you.”