Origin and Mission

Founded in 1994 in Orange County, California, the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) is dedicated to the professional development, ethics, and promotion of forensic consultants in all fields of discipline. FEWA brings together a diverse group of professionals sharing common goals related to forensics. The association offers to its members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and techniques required to perform in an effective manner.


Over the last twenty years, FEWA membership has grown and expanded with the following chapters. FEWA Chapters provide great value to members as they provide continuing education offerings and networking with fellow forensic consultants and attorneys at local meetings. FEWA currently has nine active chapters that are governed by a local chapter Board of Directors as subsidiaries of the FEWA National Office and National Board of Directors. 


Orange County Chapter – founding chapter formed in 1994

Los Angeles Chapter – formed in 2001

San Francisco Chapter – formed in 2002 (currently the Northern California chapter)

San Diego Chapter – formed in 2004

Sacramento/Sierra Chapter – formed in 2005 (currently the Northern California Chapter)

Dallas Chapter – formed in 2007

Houston Chapter – formed in 2007

Arizona Chapter – formed in 2007

Chicago (Midwest) Chapter – formed in 2009

Florida Chapter – formed in 2016