Our Affiliate members are a vital part of our Association:

Melanie Javens of Complete Equity Markets Learn More

Mercy Steenwyk of ForensisGroup Inc. Learn More

Rosalie Hamilton of Expert Communications - Learn More

Michael Morgenstern of The Expert Institute - Learn More


Additional Resources and Benefits:

The Expert Institute

At The Expert Institute, we are leveraging technology and skilled recruiting to consistently deliver the best expert referrals in the industry. We are focused on locating, vetting and connecting attorneys with their ideal expert. From expert litigation experience, Daubert challenge history, to licenses and certifications - every aspect of our research is tailored to fit the needs of the case. Every client is assigned a dedicated team, including a researcher and an account manager to facilitate a streamlined selection and engagement process.


Expert Communications

Helping experts get found by the attorneys who need their services, and making sure they look good when found.  Websites, marketing materials, advertising and listing recommendations are some of the things we do.


ForensisGroup Inc.

For over 25 years, ForensisGroup has been the single most trusted name in expert witness referral, having successfully placed experts in over 10,000 cases. We provide many of the nation’s top law firms, government entities, insurance companies and many other industries with highly qualified consultants and expert witnesses.  


Toll Free:  800-555-5422 


Complete Equity Markets

Affordable insurance plans designed to meet the legal needs of Forensic Litigation Consultants. FEWA members receive a discount!


Expert Witness Profiler
FEWA Members will receive a 10% discount when ordering Preliminary Screening (sample) Reports ($75) or a full Expert Profile Reports ($450) from the dedicated FEWA online order form.


California Lawyer
California Lawyer is the nation's leading legal magazine, covering the country's most dynamic and talked about legal market. Every month, we provide our upscale readers with timely legal analysis, in-depth features, technology updates, and practical advice on substantive law. To date, we have won an astounding 62 Maggie awards from the Western Publications Association for excellence in editorial content and design. We have also won national honors from the Society of Publication Designers. In the world of legal publications, California Lawyer is in a league of its own.