Member Testimonials

Read below for testimonials of current members of the Forensic Expert Witness Association


FEWA benefits its members by offering unique referral opportunities:

"It benefits to be a member of FEWA. I receive referrals from other experts and also have the ability to refer inquiries to other experts. There are times when I get requests and it's outside the scope of what I do. So, having the knowledge of other people in FEWA in various disciplines allows me to refer the caller to the right expert."

-Mike Wakshull, Document Examiner


Members of FEWA have found that the community offered is among the best:

"Even though I had been a successful expert witness for many years, I have found FEWA to be invaluable. The training and camaraderie is unparalleled. Come check it out!"

-Susan Maccoy, Cosmetology Expert


Chapter events provide not only networking but educational opportunities:

"I have met a tremendous amount of Experts, related and not related to my field as a flooring inspector and expert witness. I travel quite a bit, but when I am able to attend the meetings or programs, I always walk away with more knowledge relating to forensics and expert witnessing than what I came in with! If your are an expert in your field or know of any others, I highly recommend joining this organization, not only for the tremendous networking opportunities, but also for the amount of knowledge you receive through participation."

-Claudia Lezell, Flooring & Inspections Expert


Grow your Forensic Consulting practice with FEWA:

"FEWA has supported my professional development as well as the development of my practice. The opportunity to interface with other expert witnesses and share information is most valuable, and I've received several referrals for assignments through FEWA members. I've appreciated the wisdom and creativity that takes place in the discussions at FEWA meetings."

-Brad Taft, Employment Expert


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