October 08, 2015 at 1:00 PM Central
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Forensic Science vs. Junk Science

Join the Dallas Chapter for an afternoon session on "Forensic Science vs. Junk Science." This workshop will review instances of when junk science may have been developed by the opposing expert. Some topics to be discussed will include:

  • Cases where the "junk science" didn't hold up in court
  • An engineer's take on the Daubert challenge
  • Actual cases where CPAs have either used "junk science" or failed to follow appropriate standards
  • The important elements of a valid and useful statistical analysis
  • Examples of both proper and misleading use of statistical analysis in support of expert opinions in litigation and in public discourse
  • ....and more


R. Craig Jerner, Ph.D

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc. and R. Craig Jerner, Ph.D., P.E., has served clients as a Metallurgical Engineer, Metallurgical researcher, Expert Witness, Failure Analyst and Accident Investigator for over 45 years.  Dr. Jerner has conducted over 1,500 accident investigations, testified as a metallurgical expert in over 275 depositions and more than 75 court appearances as a metallurgical consultant, and accident investigator and expert witness.

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.’s extensive list of industrial, corporate and government clients utilize Dr. Jerner’s failure analysis, accident investigations, litigation consultant and metallurgical expert witness for their investigation needs.  


Steven Bankler, CPA

Steven Bankler, CPA, started his firm in 1977. The accounting firm not only provides clients with sophisticated tax planing, but also provides attorneys with various litigation services, including forensic accounting services and expert witness services.

As a forensic accountant, he was the sole investigative accountant providing expert tax and accounting services for the United States Senate Special Whitewater Committee. In addition he was asked  by the staff of United States Senate Banking Committee to review the various documents dealing with the audit of Swiss Banks, which involved looking for assets of the holocaust victims. Several of his suggestions were incorporated into Senator D'Amato's testimony before the House Banking Committee on December 11, 1996. He has provided such diverse forensic accounting services as reviewing the records of and liquidating a medical practice, reviewing documents relating to a possible “fraudulent” land sale between members of a family occurring in the late 1880's, determining the value of alternate  investments had a universal life insurance policy not been used, evaluating internal controls for family members operating various business enterprises, etc.

Laurance Prescott, PhD

Laurance Prescott is an Economist with Accumyn Consulting in Houston.  He has worked in litigation and business strategy consulting for over 22 years. Dr. Prescott’s areas of expertise include statistical analysis, market and industry analysis, and business strategy development. Dr. Prescott has testified or worked with those who testified in a wide range of civil disputes involving antitrust, intellectual property, market behavior and statistical issues in analysis of liability and/or complex calculation of damages.  His work has involved deep study of many industries and markets, including crude oil, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and electronics.  


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