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Arbitration: What All Experts Should Know

When under oath, an expert must always be aware of his or her surroundings. Conditions during deposition are different from those at trial.  Conditions at arbitration are different from those at deposition or trial.  Understanding the subtle differences that an expert faces in these different environments can be valuable to a skilled expert witness.



Judge Richard (Rick) S. Flier is a Neutral working for ADR Services, Inc. in San Francisco (2005 – present) handling Mediations, Arbitrations, Special Master and Discovery Referee assignments.

Before his retirement from the Bench, he was a Superior Court Judge for the County of Contra Costa. He was elected June 5, 1984 (defeating Judge David E. Pesonen) for the term commencing January 7, 1985, and re-elected in 1990, 1996 and 2002.  Judge Flier has settled or conducted trials dealing with the full spectrum of legal issues, both civil and criminal, during his twenty years as a Superior Court Judge.  His assignments included Civil Fast Track, General Trials, Family Law, Criminal Calendar and Appellate Department.   His Committee Assignments included Budget Committee (Chair), Court Reporters’ Committee, Criminal Law Judges, Fast Track Judges, Recognition Committee and Social Committee.

Prior to his elevation to the bench, he was a Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County, October 1973 – January 1985.  His assignments included Misdemeanor trials, Preliminary Examinations, Felony Trials, Felony Expediter and Richmond Felony Filing Deputy.  From March 1972-September 1973, he was a Hearing Examiner for the California Office of Administrative Hearings, General Services Administration, San Francisco.  His first legal job was as a Law Clerk, for the Law Firm of Parichan & Krebs, Fresno, California in 1968. He held numerous part-time, non-legal jobs while attending high school through law school. 

Approved for CFLC Certification Credit by FEWA


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